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About the author

Hi, I’m Mark, welcome to my website.

A common thread throughout my career is that “I fix things”.

I began my career in the late 1970s as a Field Service Technician fixing mainframe computers. Over almost 40 years I worked in a range of IT related disciplines from Tech Support, Management and Sales through Project Management, Technical Writing, Information Management, Intranet Management, Application Design & Development and Content/Document Management System implementation. Strangely though, despite what you might think, the vast majority of my time was spent working with people, not computers, while we jointly considered problems and worked out solutions.

Recently, as I approached what many people might consider the closing years of my useful life, I paused, took a year off and found, not only new skills, but a new understanding of myself and a new enthusiasm for helping others as they seek to identify and capture what’s most important to them in this now moment and moving forward. As part of this pause I took a brief detour through a very intense year of study and learned some great things that, hopefully, will extend my productivity well into the future. Now, I’m officially retired and ready to put my skills, old and new to practical use in ways I was never able to do before.